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Jul 9, 2013 12:00pm PDT
't be affected until they go into the fall term. now, what exactly are they working on as we speak? harry reid is going to try to put this one-year extension. that's going to go down. there's a bipartisan bill in the senate. that essentially is a sort of compromise as to where students would pay a little bit more, there would be a cap at 8.25%, which is different from the gop bill in the house, which has no cap in terms of tieing it to a ten-year treasury note. the idea is that students could go off of that rate. it saves the government some money. students would have to pay more over the course of time. however, they would still be rather cheap loans. also, any savings from that compromise bill would go back into the student loan fund instead of deficit reduction, which is a change from the house gop bill. >> luke, let me ask you, in a one or two-sentence answer, do you think students are going to be payer this higher rate for several months, several years? what's the best outlook here? >> i suspect they'll be paying it for at least throughout july, possibly august until there is some sort of
Jul 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
as this week senate democrats plan to force a vote on numerous issues stalled by republicans. harry reid says he will opt to change rules on how a minority party can wage a filibuster. >>> jon bon jovi was back in new jersey to present a $1 million check for hurricane sandy relief. he met with governor christie in his hometown of sayerville. >> my being here is not political. it's emotional, because i grew up here. i went to school here. i met my wife here. and in the days following the storm, when i visited these streets and spoke to the residents, when i -- one thought came to me, time and time again was what can i do? >>> well, there are now two clinton libraries in little rock. hillary clinton was on hand to unveil the hillary rodham clinton library. she read "the very hungry caterpillar" and she unveiled pantsuits, complete with many of hers on ka de la renta pieces she's made famous. >>> $5200 came from milos raonic. >>> vice president biden heads west to attend a memorial service for those 19 fallen firefighters. they'll be in the prescott area. >>> that is your morning dish of scrambl
Jul 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
. senate democratic leader harry reid blamed boehner and the house republicans. way to go, guys. >>> is rick perry going for a run, again? he said he will not lead the lone star state after 14 years in the role. he wouldn't talk about the future. by leaving in 2014, it leaves him plenty of time to mount a run for the white house. he had to give up his presidential campaign in 2012 after a less than stellar showing in iowa and new hampshire. >> this time it would be more carefully planned. >>> the house is set to vote on controversial abortion restrictions. it would require it take place in surgical centers that shuts down dozens of clinics. legislatures in the state house approved the bill but it was filibustered by the state senate. they are trying during a special session. the senate this time may take up the bill as soon as thursday. this time, it's expected to pass. >>> quite a scene in toronto drying out. heavy, heavy rains there swamped the city. that is not a road. it is a road, rather. it looks like a river, but it's a road. four inches of rain fell in hours. passengers
Jul 9, 2013 5:00am PDT
majority leader harry reid will put rates on the loans back at 3.4 percent which went up to 6.8 percent july 1. >> back-to-school shopping season is here as retailers try to attract budget mined shoppers early and wal-mart and apple are promoting school-related products, including $50 off some printers at apple. >> and twinkies may have more taking power than you think back on the shelves next week under a new owner after the bankruptcy of hostess halted production. because of changes made to the recipe the twinkies will have a shelf life of 45 days rather were that the 26 days. this word on what makes the through twinkies last longer. >> they did not tell you what they put in it to make it last from 26 to 45 days. how do they do that? >> you don't want to know! >> if i cannot pronounce an ingredient, i cannot eat it. >> it is dry above the surface and the humidity is 95 percent in san francisco where it is foggy and on mount tamalpais at 38 percent and mount diabolo it is 18 percent and mount hamilton it is 11 percent so that is why i don't think the fog will last very long this mornin
Jul 9, 2013 5:00am EDT
harry reid scheduled a procedural vote for tomorrow. the bill would restore the interest rate on federal student loans to 3.4% for one year. interest rates doubled to 6.8% last week. congress can retroactively reduce interest rates. most students do not take out loans until the beginning of the fall semester. >>> 5:55. new information that shows all that money you're spending in stores is actually giving the economy a boost. cnbc's courtney reagan live with that story for your money. courtney, good morning. >> hi, good morning, aaron. consumers broke out their credit cards in may, just another sign they're more optimistic about the economy. the federal reserve says consumer credit jumped 8%, the biggest monthly gain in a year. the biggest chunk of consumer debt is what's known as nonrevolving credit or student and car loans but the fastest growing segment is revolving credit or credit cards. that may show a willingness by people to build up their balances. >>> well, apple's app store is sell bratding its fifth birthday today, and many developers are marking the occasion by giving away fr
Jul 10, 2013 3:00am PDT
, doubling. and the senate today at noon is going to vote on whether to begin to debate harry reid's proposal that would cap interest rates at 3.4%. in the meantime, college students are stuck in limbo. >> i do worry that i'll have a problem finding a job. and if i have a problem finding a job, well, there you go. i can't pay back my loans. >> reporter: college students all over the country just like georgetown university's brandon anderson are getting slapped with higher loan rates. if congress doesn't act fast, anderson says he'll have to bay a whopping $4,000 more after graduation. right now, about 7 million students who take out federally subsidized student loans will see their interest rates jump from 3.4% to 6.8%. and congress can do something right now to stop this. but instead, they're bickering. republicans say the market should set interest rates, while democrats argue students need more protection. >> the two republican proposals one from the house and one from the senate are worse than nothing. >> reporter: if congress fails to come to an agreement, officials say the average stude
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)